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Amazon Prime Day Sale

June 21 & 22

What is the cost of Amazon Prime membership?

Student? Those with EBT or Medicaid cards?

To get started, visit Amazon Prime.

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Amazon Prime day Member benefits

Become a member

Amazon Prime costs $119 a year or $12.99 per month

Special Offer

Amazon Student accounts cost $59 a year or $ 6.49 per month.*

Those with EBT or Medicaid cards can receive Prime for $5.99 a month.*




*Pricing as of June 15, 2021


Fast, Free Delivery

Exclusive Deals Just for you

Prescription delivery and savings

Save big on Groceries



Award-winning movies % TV shows

Free games and loot with Prime Gaming

Over two million songs, ad free

Prime members read FREE

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2021 Annual Prime Day sale!!!

AMAZON Prime Day

June 21 & 22


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