Alexa-enabled devices

Whether it’s your first or fifth Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Spot, start talking to Alexa within minutes of unboxing the personal assistant.

How to connect?

1. Download the Alexa app and sign in. You’ll now be able to set up your device, manage your alarms, music, shopping lists and more.
2. Turn on your Alexa-enabled device. Place it in a central location (at least eight inches from any walls and windows). Then, plug the included power adapter into the device and then into a power outlet. The light ring on the device turns blue, then orange. When the light turns orange, Alexa will greet you.
3. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network by following the instructions in the Alexa app.

Tip: Just like the Echo devices, use your Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick to check sports scores or the weather, play music and more. You can try things like:

“Alexa, play classic rock music”
“Alexa, play upbeat pop”
“Alexa, play hip hop classics”
“Alexa, play Foo Fighters”
“Alexa, play soul music”