Inspire the world


오늘은 6월 2일 화요일.

날씨 맑음.  아버님 생각이 납니다.  아빠 미안해.

처음 써 보는 블로그.  잘 안되는 문장이 참 어렵습니다.

아버님 생전에 해주셨던 말씀중에

“주헌아 저기에 무지개가 떳다.”

같은 곳을 바라봐드리느라 여러차례 물어보며

두리번 두리번.


그 때 그 처음봤던 무지개에

아주 오랜만에 또 보는 그 무지개로

어지셨던 아버님 선하신 모습이 다시금 그리워집니다.





DEARJOOKWAK은 제 회사이름입니다.  Joo Heon Kwak, dba. DEARJOOKWAK.  작년 10월달에 지금은 고인되신 Steve Kwak 저희 아버님께 조르고 또 졸라서 나의 사업을 시작하게 되었읍니다.  지금 살아계셨더라면 … 아버님 춘추가 그토록 되셨었는지 그땐 미쳐몰랐읍니다. 내 business를 함께해주시기를 바라고 여쭈으며 나름 신이났던 때가 엇그제같읍니다. 서류전형제출땐 분주히 이곳저곳을 찾아다녀야하는데 오래 혹은 잠깐잠깐 애써 기다려주시고 잘되기를 바래주셨던 아버님!~

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This website has been in the making of my intended business DEARJOOKWAK website for the past several years. Originally its domain name was from GoDaddy while its hosting service by BlueHost in 2018.  I was following a YouTube video tutorial “How to Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy” by Greg Narayan. After many months of time lapse My domain name service under GoDaddy became transferred to BlueHost. Some of the other YouTube video tutorials were also helpful.  Especially “How to Create an eCommerce Website FREE with WordPress – 2020 (Step by Step Online Store Tutorial)” by Hogan Chua among many others were very helpful. I genuinely express thanks for the resourceful many informations when I needed them most for a better website. My websites are inspired by several of his YouTube video tutorials where this website’s blogging features and layout were from his “How to Make WordPress Blog – Step by Step For Beginners!

Now and websites are almost ready for the public to be able to visit and shop online.  Being safe and beneficial from start to finish shopping experience is utmost important. I hope its review results are okay.   Just an expository trying out different tutorials for making a good website then became my DEARJOOKWAK website. It is now essential for my eCommerce business. My another website is mainly a dropshipping model website were AliExpress would be the seller and DEARJOOKWAK websites would make sure marketing opportunities were met properly for those who need to shop good products online form the websites.

Inspire the world!

As Mr. Hogan Chua “How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website – For Beginners – Easy!” YouTube video homepage image “I N S P I R E” says,  this website is to become a successful blogging website hence I look forward to the good flow of words and sentences, pictures and paragraphs, and chapters. I would be graceful in the end.  And come back to it for its review.  At a forked road sometimes people may wonder which course of direction to take.

Do what you love!