USB Type C Adapter for Old Phone’s Micro USB Phone Charger Plug

I recently switched my phone from Samsung Galaxy S7 to A42 5G. It is good enough phone for me however it didn’t have the feature of the convenient cordless recharging functionality. It comes with a type C UBS battery recharger adapter. I am using it at home to recharge the phone. I used to use a vehicle electronic phone charger plug that is a micro usb type plug at the end of the cord for S7. I am not using it, I am using A42 instead needed a new recharger. Or I could use one of these what’s called Micro USB female and Type C USB male adapter. I tried this brand from JXMOX. I was satisfied with the product for its craftmanship and service through out its delivery via Amazon. It works well and I am more worry free choosing the product.

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I have purchased it and used it for myself.  I liked it very much. At first the female part of the gadget looked bigger than the Micro USB plug. But it was only an illusion the old phone’s battery charger micro usb plug fits perfectly in place. Small size and less of a strain for long time usage. Good fit, looks and feel everything right for most smart phones. Package contains 4.






Very useful when you switch to a new phone compatible with USB type C.

Use these adapters for your old micro USB plugs probably still laying around.

And here are some more recommended vehicle electronic accessories that I haven’t personally tried. I have Samsung Galaxy A42 5G which is not rechargeable cordlessly. I am using the above type c ubs adapter with the old phone charger micro usb plug vehicle phone charger. You could check out one of these on sale at